Why rice?

Plastic has contaminated the ocean year after year, about 8 million tons are dumped into the oceans every year.
Experts say if we do not act now, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.
And products such as straw, apparently innocuous, has helped to make things worse. In the United States alone, 500 million plastic straws are used per day. That's right: PER DAY! And like other waste, they end up in the sea, being swallowed by marine animals, which die suffocated with plastic parts.

Replacing plastic with products made from rice, for example, eliminates this problem. It dissolves within 100 days!


Made with 70%* rice and 30%* Tapioca, the rice straws still working up to 2-3 hours when used in cold water/liquid.

Customers can even start to finish their drinks.

*it varies according the production condition

​- Can be eaten
- Keep your drink taste
- Soft
- Eco friendly
- Sophisticated

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Who we are

We love animals, oceans, forests.

We love the environment.

We love the world.

Starting from this thought, we, BIO BACKING, decided to help the world and do our part.

Bringing alternatives to the disposable materials that pollute our beautiful and beloved planet, which are: plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic forks and many more.

Our passionate team intends to insert in each restaurant of the world biodegradable products that can substitute the plastic products

This simple act can save millions of wild animals life and environment.

Each day, around 500 millions of plastic straws are being used and we use a straw for 5 minutes, in average. 

            We do this for the WORLD

            Do your part too, avoid plastics

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